Brownsboro supplier has a brand new, all-electric vehicle, reports ESPN Crikey

BROWNSBORO, N.C. — It’s a brand-new, all electric vehicle that’s coming to Brownsboro.

That’s right, a brand name that Brownsborough, North Carolina-based Brownsbouvier, has used to make a lot of different electric cars over the years.

But when the brand announced the vehicle at this week’s New South Wales Motor Show, the only people who could see it were Brownsbourger fans.

It’s called the BROWNSPER, and it’s the first electric car the brand has ever made.

It’s also the first production vehicle in the company’s 50-year history.

The BROWN SPER, however, isn’t just a car.

It has a new name and a brand.

The name BROWNSWORTH is a reference to the city of Brownsworth, North, where the company was founded in 1896.

Brownsburg is about a 50-minute drive from Brownsbury.

It was the home of the company from 1901 until 1957.

The company also has factories in Charlotte, N., and Pittsburgh, Pa.

The BROWN STERLING, the name of the vehicle, is a nod to a Brownsburger, a German term for a car that uses gas instead of steam to drive.

The car is designed to be a hybrid, meaning it has a hybrid drivetrain that can use either electricity or gasoline.

This will make it easy for Brownsbridge residents to get around town, and its owners say it will also make Brownsabers commute to and from work easier.

The electric car has an EPA rating of 90 miles per gallon, which is very good for the price.

The new vehicle, which Brownsbourne is calling the BRYSSER, is going to hit dealerships in the spring of 2019, but for now, Brownsbane and the brand are doing everything they can to get the brand’s name out there.

“It was a challenge to get that name out, because it’s been 50 years, and I’ve got the name brand now,” Brownsbrook CEO Jason Lott said.

“We’ve tried everything.

We have a lot more brands that have used the BRANDSWORTH name.

It just so happens to be the brand that’s been used for a long time.”

The BRYESSER is just the beginning for the company.

Lott says he expects to see more electric cars from Brownsbouvier coming out.

“The BRYSSPER will be the first car that comes out of that factory,” he said.

The company’s not done making the BRYSBURGER, though.

Luthner says he is working on another electric car that will have a higher price tag.

“We’re going to get another car that has the same concept but it’s going to be cheaper, because that’s what we do at Brownsbridger, and we’ve got two cars that are going to come out,” Luthberg said.

“I’m sure we’ll see something for it in the next couple of years.”

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