New Zealand housewife’s new ‘super’ house can handle a double-digit increase in demand

KOHO TANZANIA, New Zealand — Auckland housewife Aneeta Kantham is no stranger to high-tech gadgets.

She has already been known to build an iPad, a Google Glass, and even an Android smartphone.

But for the last year, Kanthampir has built her own house and is hoping to set it to the next level.

“I think it’s a lot more advanced than the norm.

I’ve done things I’d never done before,” she said.

Kanthampir bought a $20,000 house in a remote corner of the North Island a few years ago and plans to expand it to include a full kitchen, bathroom, and a new bath.

Now she has another new challenge: getting her kitchen set up and working properly.

This week, Kananthampur was able to install a fully working fridge and a coffee machine.

But it’s not all about the fridge.

The kitchen needs to be fully functional, she said, so it can handle an expected increase in orders from a growing number of visitors.

In the meantime, Kantha is planning to build a kitchen sink that can be used for both boiling water and hot water.

And when she has finished that, she plans to add a microwave to her new house.

It’s just the beginning.

Kantham has been building her own home for two years, and she says she’s not planning to move anytime soon.

While she’s working on getting her house ready, she’s also learning to use a smartphone.

For now, she says her main focus is on the kitchen sink.

Her biggest challenge right now is getting the water pressure on her sink to be correct.

Aneeta says she is working on adjusting her water pressure by adding water to her taps.

(Courtesy of Aneetas Kitchen)Aneetah Kanthams kitchen sink has been designed for the perfect water pressure.(Courtesy of aneetamkanthampi)”I don’t want to have the water come up a little bit when I cook because it makes it very difficult to pour water in and out of the tap.

I think it needs to go down a little more, but it needs that water to be perfect,” she told the ABC.

Kanthaampir plans to install the sink in the next two weeks, and plans on putting it into service by the end of the month.

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