We’re taking a look at the modern bathrooms

Updated April 07, 2019 10:43:26If you’ve ever visited the White House, you know that the bathrooms are a big part of the experience.

The president’s office has a huge suite of bathrooms, and guests can sit on a throne, relax in the shade, and enjoy the view.

But it’s not the only part of a president’s home that’s a bit of a departure from modern standards.

The most striking thing about the bathrooms in the White, according to the National Archives, is that they’re “modernized” in a way that is “a return to the era when the United States was a nation of rule-breakers, with a strong military and a military bureaucracy that used military tactics to impose order.”

They’re also “modern in their construction, their lighting, and their furnishings, and they are modern in their function.”

As the archives notes, the White house “has long been known as a haven for American elites.”

In addition to the president, the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., and his wife Melania, who lives in the mansion, also live in the home.

And Trump Jr. has been a frequent visitor to the White.

But even though the Whitehouse is an institution, the home has also been a space for presidents to indulge in a little extra privacy.

In the past, the house was considered a safe space for guests to socialize, even though it’s technically classified as a residence, which allows people to be there 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

But as the archives explains, “during the 1960s, the administration began using the White to allow presidents to meet privately with their staff, with the expectation that this would provide them with a safe and private space to engage in private conversations.”

It’s not clear how much time the president spends in the bathroom, but he does appear to have plenty of privacy there.

According to the archives, during the early years of the presidency, “the president was often allowed to go outside his White House to take a bath or shower.”

But during the late 1960s and early 1970s, “when the White was used as a presidential residence, the doors to the residence were closed to the public.”

The house has been home to the presidents family since before he was born, but the first time he was allowed to shower in it was during his first inaugural.

In 1970, he was the only president to shower at the WhiteHouse, and it was the first such shower the president had had in his Whitehouse since the building was built in 1868.

The WhiteHouse has also long been home for many of the White’s most important political figures.

It has been where many of those people met with President Jimmy Carter and his family, who spent time there before the two became a presidential family.

There was also an office for Vice President Richard Nixon and his son, Richard Nixon Jr., who was president from 1969 to 1973.

But the White also served as a place for the presidents first wife, Jacqueline Kennedy.

During her husband’s presidency, Jacquelie often made the trip to the home to visit him.

And in 1976, when President Gerald Ford was in office, Jacquels youngest son, Bobby, spent time in the residence.

But now, thanks to President Trump, it seems that all of the presidents oldest and most trusted aides and confidants will be living in the house.

On the front of the house are photos of former Presidents Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Richard M. Nixon, and Bill Clinton, along with several other current and former White House staffers.

They’re all dressed in formal white robes and tie-dye suits, and the president himself wears a tie-dyed suit, which is unusual for an American president.

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