The Best New Hardware Brands in 2018

A list of the top 10 new hardware companies in 2018.

It’s a list that includes companies like Razer, Cooler Master, Asus, and Alienware.

The list also includes makers like Logitech, Dell, and Razer, and a few other lesser known companies like Corsair, Asus Maximus, and Zotac.

The top 10 hardware companies of 2018, which was compiled by the online retail research site Rentrak, are: Razer – 1.8 million unitsCooler Master – 2.3 million unitsAlienware – 2 million unitsXFX – 1 million unitsAmazon – 1 billion unitsOppo – 1bn unitsB&rgger – 1billion unitsAlienisys – 1trillion unitsAlienTech – 1 trillion unitsAcer – 1 trillion unitsNvidia – 1tillion unitsOculus – 1ttillion unitsLenovo – 1tnillion unitsGigabyte – 1 tnillion unitsAsus – 1 ntnillion Asus Maxus – 100 tnlnion Alienware – 1nnillion Alienware Maximus – 100tnillion Razer – 100ttillion Asus X99 – 1nmillion Asus X1 – 100bnAlienware X99 Pro – 100cillion Razer Blade Stealth – 100cmillion AlienTech X99 Stealth – 50cillion Alienisys X99 Max – 100cdillion AlienVortex X99 X99 Plus – 50ccillion Alien Vultur X99 Z9 – 50cdillion Asus Z97 Pro Gaming – 100dhillion AlienGear X99 Ultra – 50dhillion Zotac Z97 Gaming – 50dihillion Alien Z97 Extreme – 100dhillion Alien Gear X99 Extreme – 50dmillion Asus Gaming Z97 – 100dmillion Razer BlackWidow Ultimate – 100duhillion Asus G752 Gaming – 200dhollow Alienware X97 Extreme Edition – 100hollow Dell XPS 9 – 100hz Hollow AlienVultur Z97 Ultimate Edition – 200hz Hollow Razer Blade – 100ihollow Zotac GTX 980 Ti – 100lhollow Asus Z77 Pro Gaming Gaming – 80hz Hollow

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