How to turn a $20-million home into a $200,000 luxury apartment for $50,000 per month

The home’s first floor is an eclectic mix of European-inspired furniture and American-inspired art.

It’s a converted garage in the heart of downtown Vancouver, but the owners want to add a rooftop terrace and a second-floor bedroom for the guests.

The property has a kitchen with a stove and microwave, and a bathroom with a toilet and shower.

The owners say the home is on a low-income level and they’re not asking for any special treatment.

“We’re just asking for a minimum wage that would be reasonable for someone that lives in this neighbourhood,” said Lisa O’Connor, the owner of O’Conners, a Vancouver-based real estate company.

She has rented out the home to some of her tenants, but has never paid for anything beyond the utilities.

She’s only renting the house for $25,000 a month.

We want to make this house affordable.

O’Connor said the owners have already secured financing from a private lender.

Her first tenants include a young couple who live in the same condo, and the couple is moving in to the home after moving in earlier this year.

They said they like the feel of the house.

“It’s very peaceful, we can have a conversation on the phone and everything is quiet,” said the couple, who asked not to be named because of the sensitivity of the matter.

But O’Cannons owners say they are hoping to get a loan for the property.

What to do if you can’t afford to live in a condo?

Read moreThe condo building is on the market for $200.1-million.

The owners say it’s worth it for them because of its location, its location close to transit, and its location near the airport.

If you are interested in the property, visit O’Callaghan’s website.

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