When the beer industry turns sour

When it comes to the state of the beer brewing industry, many brewers and their fans are struggling.

On the surface, the situation looks pretty bad.

It is not a good situation.

It is not just that there is a shortage of beer, but also that there are very few breweries left to brew the beers that make up the majority of the American beer industry.

And there is nothing like being stuck with only one brewery. 

Beer, in the minds of some, is a form of cultural heritage.

It represents what America is all about.

It’s not a commodity, nor is it a consumer product. 

And while there are some breweries that are thriving in their niche, others are in a terrible situation.

There are very limited breweries that have made a living out of brewing, and many more that are struggling to survive. 

One of those struggling breweries is the Chicago Beer Company, known for its craft brews. 

But while the brewing industry is booming, the business of beer is in trouble. 

In a report to the U.S. Congress, the Beer Institute of America (BIA) said that by 2020, the brewing sector will lose $9.7 billion. 

 The industry has struggled for decades, with a lack of new breweries and a lack, at best, of the support and capital necessary to grow and expand. 

The IBSA says that in 2015, only 3,200 breweries were operating in the U, but by 2021, that number is expected to be at least 4,000. 

“There is little to no new investment in the craft beer industry, even though craft brewers have seen growth in the number of barrels produced,” the IBSA stated in the report. 

Despite that, brewers say the industry has a lot of issues. 

“[The brewing industry] has not been able to make a living from its craft beer brands, with few exceptions,” said Kevin Gorman, a senior analyst with the IBAA.

“This means the industry is losing money and will need to find creative ways to survive, like expanding to new markets.”

The craft brewing industry has not had a strong foothold for decades. 

At the same time, the beer business is facing challenges that the beer-drinking public has been grappling with for years.

In the past, there were more beer brands than craft brewers. 

This has been a problem because there are so few options for beer drinkers to choose from, and because the industry relies on consumers to buy the beer. 

There are a lot more people in the beer market, which means more demand for craft beer, which leads to more production and distribution. 

While the number is increasing, so too are the prices of beer.

Beer prices have gone up because of the craft brewers, and consumers have been paying more for the products. 

A good part of this growth has come from the craft breweries, which have taken the craft beers of their peers and put them in the hands of consumers. 

With that in mind, there is no shortage of demand for beer.

And as the demand for a craft beer increases, so does the demand of craft beer.

But, according to the IBAs report, the number and quality of craft breweries is a problem. 

According to the report, a “significant portion” of the demand comes from craft breweries who have not been properly certified.

“The craft brewers lack certification to operate as a craft brewer, so they are not required to carry the same regulations as other brewers,” the report states. 

To add insult to injury, the craft brewing companies that have been able and willing to take on the responsibility of producing beer and distribute it to consumers have failed to follow the proper brewing protocols. 

For example, the IBAS report states that craft breweries are not properly certified, and the craft brewery in question has not paid its employees enough to be considered a craft brewery.

As a result, the products do not meet the quality standards required for the craft industry. 

Many craft brewers also claim that their products do meet the strict regulations. 

When it comes down to it, however, most of the breweries that make beer do not have a lot to offer consumers.

It could be that the industry does not have the money to produce the products that make the craft brands such as Bud Light, Founders and Coors, which are so popular among the consumers.

The brewing companies are also struggling. 

Since 2015, the industry lost more than $2 billion, according the IBDA. 

If you add that to the cost of production and the lack of a market for beer, the brewers are going to need to cut back on what they do to make ends meet. 

However, that could lead to the brewery selling their products at a loss, which could lead the consumer to think that the craft-brewers are being paid more than the craft brew producers. 

What can the craft market do to change this situation? 

“We have to make sure that craft

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