How the nixa 3.1 changes the way you work

Nixa has announced a new hardware update to its 3.x series of desktop computers, bringing with it several new features, including a new built-in processor called the nyxus.

In a blog post today, Nixaa noted that the company has added the npxus processor to the nx series, which includes its 3-in-1 desktop, the 3- in-1 laptop and the nX-Series tablet.

The npx processor will be available in the upcoming third quarter.

The npx-series is designed to provide the power to manage the workstation of the future.

“The nyx is the next generation of the nxt, bringing you the power and versatility you need to handle complex workloads and multitasking,” NixAA chief executive Mark Binns said in a blog posting.

“It will help you create more intelligent and responsive systems.”

The nx-series will come with the ny, an 8-core, quad-core processor that will offer performance at the high-end of the market.

The new processor will offer a full-fat (4 cores) processor that can handle up to 32 GB of RAM.

It will also support Hyperthreading, which allows a system to handle up of four or more cores simultaneously.

“The new nyx enables us to take the nexus to the next level in terms of performance,” said Michael Evers, NxAA’s vice president of computing, in a press release.

“With the nxa-series we can deliver a truly powerful, powerful, and versatile desktop computing platform.”

The Nixus processor comes in two flavours: the n-series, which is a hybrid between the ncore and the core, and the i-series.

The i-Series will offer more RAM, faster performance, a bigger battery, more storage and a better display.

The Nixx is currently only available in two variants: the i1 and the Nixi.

Binns told Computerworld that the new processor was developed to provide a solid base for the next-generation Nx series desktop computers.

“Nixa’s new nx processor represents an exciting new addition to the 3.5-inch nx family of products and is built around a new generation of performance-focused components that we believe will make Nixia the choice of the next wave of desktop computing customers,” said Binn.

“The nix-series processors are also built with an emphasis on power efficiency, which helps reduce system costs, and allow for improved battery life, so they’re more affordable than traditional desktops.”

The new desktop computers will include a number of new features.

The nxt-series and nx processors are the first desktop-class processors to support HyperThreading, a new CPU feature that lets a system handle up or more than four cores at once.

Hyperthreaded systems typically use more cores, but they also have the benefit of being able to work on tasks that might not require as many of them.

HyperThreads can reduce the overall amount of processing power needed on a computer.

Hyper-threading is not available on the 3D printer-ready desktop.

Binn also announced that Nixas newest 4K desktop, NX-2, will be based on the Nyx processor.

The 4K display will be on a 2560×1440 display, while the graphics card will be Nvidia’s Titan Xp.

Bins’ blog post also detailed the performance of the new nxt processor, noting that the chip offers “a whopping 2.5x performance improvement” over the previous generation, the Nx-4, while offering “over 80% higher bandwidth per clock cycle than the Nxt-4.”

The blog post didn’t go into the specifics of how the processor performs on a system.

Binta Akbari, chief executive of NixA, said the company expects the nfx-series to be available later this quarter, adding that it will be “a solid step forward for the Naxa platform.”

“The Nx processor and nix hardware line is a key part of Naxaa’s 3.0 business model and is expected to offer a range of performance and power efficiency improvements that will be of great benefit to our customers,” Akbri said in the blog post.

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