How to get a ‘hardware repair kit’ for your home

Hardware repair is an expensive process.

It’s one that many people are reluctant to take on, but many people can do it.

Now there’s a new service that claims to provide that DIY option to those that are hesitant.

“You can actually take your house apart and get the parts you need,” said Richard Lees, founder and chief executive of hardware repair startup, Hardware Repair Kit.

Lees says it’s easier than ever before to get things done, because most of the repair is done by computers and smartphones.

Hardware Repair Kits, as the service is called, offers a DIY option for anyone with a laptop, phone, or tablet.

The service has been testing its product for about a month in Boston, with users testing the kit at home.

It uses a software application to track where the parts are and what they are, and then tells you when the repairs are done.

Lees said the first batch of the kits will come out in the first quarter of next year, but that the company hopes to have a larger supply of them by the end of the year.

It’s a much easier way to get hardware parts than buying new parts, which can be a time-consuming process.

The kits, which are meant to be used in less than a week, include an assortment of parts and accessories that are available from most hardware stores.

They come with a list of recommended parts to start with, and a video to explain how the parts fit together.

For starters, you’ll need a wrench, a socket, and some tools.

Leess says you can get all those things for under $100 on Amazon.

You’ll also need to have access to a home depot and a repair shop.

You can order the parts from the company’s website.

Lees says he started Hardware Repair kit with a friend and was inspired by other companies like Amazon and Lowe’s.

But he says that most of his business comes from the people that he works with, like his business partner, and other friends that he hangs out with.

The people that make up the company, Lees said, are just as excited as the people he works for.

Leers also said he was inspired to start the company after his son suffered a concussion while playing with a video game.

He also wanted to build the company in a way that people who aren’t tech savvy would be able to use it, because they can use it in their day-to-day lives.

Leys hopes the service will be able help people who don’t want to get into the DIY scene.

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